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bikini swimsuit So if ethnic Americans searched bikini they probably typed in bikini and if a white person searched they typed in This would natural sort the bikini pictures toward white if the algorithms were not modified. The old algorithms couldn scan your race so the most clicked thing floated to the top. Google is modifying their algorithm. bikini swimsuit

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bikini swimsuit This guy was constantly asking the judge to monitor his games, making every round go to the max time limit, and generally not being friendly to newcomers or more casual players. One day he showed up and entered a deck built around the idea of manipulating a certain interaction in order to get you disqualified (drawing more than 1 card while there a card in play that says "players can only draw once each turn"). Considering this is a casual setting and we get a lot of new people coming in and out, it not great for business when a 40 year old guy keeps harping on high schoolers about "not knowing the rules" and "being dumb kids" bikini swimsuit.

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